Some words about My Visual art

I never meant to be a painter, but I just kept painting.  I took a few painting and drawing classes in college, and then one day on a whim I signed up for an art show at my place of work, Bixby's Cafe, which forced me to create with a deadline. For that first show, I ended up painting a dozen or so works in less than three weeks based off of drawings that I did when I worked overnights at a mental health facility. I kept signing up for art shows intermittently through the years and now I paint much more regularly than ever before (you can check out current work on instagram). I consider painting to be a hobby but I am also lucky enough to consider it my day job (it’s a great day job!).

I have only recently begun to seriously embrace humor and playfulness (so serious indeed) in my work. I am primarily a musician and songwriter, so this painting thing - it better be fun, at least most of the time. Otherwise I've decided I'm just not going to do it. 

These are 5 of 8 sketch collages I made for a show at Prove Gallery - "Polarized" - alongside fellow artists Ryan Lemahieu, Brian Ring, Cody Paulson, Tommy Kronquist, & Jay Whitcomb in January of 2014. 


A list of solo Art exhibitions in Duluth, MN 

Red Herring Lounge “O Giver of Dreams” March 2018
Red Herring Lounge "More New Paintings by Ingeborg" September 2016
Washington Gallery "New Paintings by Ingeborg" June 2016
Washington Gallery "Seraphina's Necessary Illusions" October 2014
Prove Gallery January 2014
Washington Gallery "Hootenanny" August 2013
Washington Gallery "Goodbye, Blue Skies" July 2012
Washington Gallery "Recollections" June 2011
Beaner's September 2010
Jitter's April 2010
Bixby's August 2009
Bixby's September 2006


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