Classic Rig Setup

Hello fine readers,

I’d like to keep these Monday blog posts a bit more informal and not so academicky, so I do not drive myself crazy.

This week I’d like to tell you about what I’m up to music-wise.

I’ve been working on a set of new music with new instruments so I have not been playing electro shows lately. Also, In the meantime while the new electro set is cooking, I’ve been gigging with guitar and singing covers very regularly around the Twin Ports.

Here is a picture of the exact same rig I’ve used since I began performing, which I now refer to as my CLASSIC RIG:


I’ve played about 80 shows in the last four years and the setup has never changed this entire time. However, the repertoire expanded - but not too much within the last year or so.

Here is a list of all the tunes I programmed for this little beast of a setup.

Oh, What a Morning
Oh, the Hillside
Rebel Robin
Ode to Houseplants
Sketchy, Come Back!
Nothing I Say
Diamonds and Rust (Cover by Joan Baez)
Ever Sing
Sun Beats Down
Bulletproof Vest
Runtchkin Love
What’s Wrong With Me?
O Giver of Dreams
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Cover by Hank Williams)
On Top of Old Smokey (the traditional folk tune)
Our Town (Cover by Iris Dement)
Broom Song
Good Again
Waiting to Get Old
God Only Knows (Cover by Brian Wilson)
Jolly Old St. Nick (Traditional)

Well holy smokes, that is more songs than I thought.

I quit programming songs for this rig because I just wanted to try something different and new and which would allow more performance freedom. The performances on the classic rig are basically choreographed and not off the cuff or on the fly at all. When I first began this journey as a weird electronicky artist, I had envisioned more of an improvisational nature to my performances. But that never really happened.

So, I’ve now a few new toys that I am experimenting with which I will perhaps show you in my next blog post!

If you have any hot tips on cool sequencers or would like to convince me to just give the hardware thing up and submit to Ableton, please hassle me in the comments below.

Peace out, my little lieblings.