Ingeborg's Big Debut As Blogger

Greetings, my little cupcakes!

It’s your old pal Ingeborg here, writing from my magical artist studio in Duluth’s hillside. I will be bringing the Good News to you here on my blog every Monday morning (if not more!) from here to eternity. Which can only mean one thing. I’m gonna have to get my shit together and write some of these posts in advance. Like the pros! Well here I goes.

And what will this Good News be? First, I’m gonna share my processes for making music and artwork. So, you’ll get to see the inside of my studio more often (woo-weee it’s gettin hot in here). Aside from that I’ll be sharing* thoughts I think and stuff that I enjoy, especially things or people you may not have heard of before. Like, for example, my patron saint, Moondog. Actually, that’s a lie — my patron saint is St. Dymphna, but I’ll be sharing both with you eventually. Bob Dylan’s patron saint is fighting with a ghost. Mine is in the kitchen burning toast . . .

Fear not! I won’t be discussing anything that resembles politics in this blog. I don’t plan on addressing that sorta thing until I’m all grown up and living in a castle with my two pet mezubrials named Onyx and Delphine on an undiscovered island on another planet far, far away from anything resembling a Human Being other than my own reflection in the mirror — a mirror that has post-it notes stuck all over it shouting positive affirmations.

Now that we’ve covered what this blog will for sure be about (stuff that I enjoy and want to share) and what it will not be about (politics), I’d love to hear from you on what you’d love to hear from me. So don’t hesitate to drop a suggestion in the old message box ( or be really bold and leave a comment for all the world to see!

Toodles for now, my little love beans. Also, don’t forget to share this post . . . if you want to save your soul.


*I accidentally originally typed ‘sharting’ instead of ‘sharing’ — Freudian slip?