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Who The F***

is Ingeborg von Agassiz?


Based out of Duluth, MN, Ingeborg von Agassiz [IVA] is the moniker for multi-faceted artist, Emma Rustan. She's a songwriter, producer/arranger, pianist, painter, crude animator, guitar plucker, ukulele strummer, violin screecher, and clarinet squeaker.  

The name 'Ingeborg' refers to her late-great-grandmother for whom she was named (Ingeborg translated to Emma back in the day), 'von' means 'of/from' in German, and 'Agassiz' refers to the ancient colossal Lake Agassiz which once covered the the region of northwestern Minnesota where she was born and raised. 



IVA performs live with a casio keyboard, loop pedals, and sampler + beats.