Ingeborg von Agassiz is an electronic folk musician, producer, and visual artist based out of Duluth, MN. Her debut album, O Giver of Dreams, was praised by the Duluth News Tribune as being “so good, it’s almost embarrassing to say how good it is.”  Her music has also drawn comparisons to the likes of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Abba.

The name Ingeborg von Agassiz is a moniker chosen to celebrate the artist’s great grandmother for whom she was named and the massive ancient glacial Lake Agassiz region she originally hails from in northwestern Minnesota. The name was modeled after two important women of medieval European music history: Hildegard von Bingen and Eleanore of Aquitaine. 

After years spent studying music, making and selling paintings, giving piano lessons, and recording hundreds of short musical ideas on tape recorders, Ingeborg von Agassiz began writing and producing completed songs in earnest. Her immediate inspiration came from the simple folk songs she sang and played on guitar in various bars and pubs and the hymns she played working as a church accompanist. She cites lifelong influences as far-spanning as Stephen Foster, Pink Floyd, Lauryn Hill, Eminem, and Moondog. Her music reflects these influences by exploring the ups and downs of life with playfulness, curiosity, and confidence.

Her songwriting is brought to life in live performances using a one-woman-band setup consisting of keyboards, samplers, beats, and loop pedals. “Seemingly out of nowhere,” explains Walter Raschick, director emeritus of the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival, “an artist going by ‘Ingeborg von Agassiz’ started booking shows around Duluth and wowed audiences with fully formed songs and a unique stage appearance.”

Ingeborg von Agassiz has plans to release another album and has already chosen the title, Mine the Keeper,  which will drop in late 2019. In the meantime, fans can follow her daily art makings and frequent videos on her various social media. 

Photo by B. Ramsey

Photo by B. Ramsey

Video of the Week

O Giver of Dreams featuring animation from Ladislas Starevich’s 1933 film, “The Mascot.” Behold! These visuals are a treasure.

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Acoustic Ingeborg
Wednesday june 5 2019

Thirsty pagan brewing- superior, wisconsin
Guitar and Covers!

acoustic ingeborg
Friday June 7 2019

Cedar Lounge - superior, Wisconsin
guitar and covers!


ingeborg von agassiz

friday June 7 2019

red herring Lounge - Duluth, Minnesota
Electro Show!