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O Giver of Dreams

Ingeborg von Agassiz's debut album, "O Giver of Dreams," was released to the world on March 1, 2018. It is a collection of ten songs written, produced, and recorded by Ingeborg herself. It is available in all major online stores and streaming services (like iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify). 

Click Here to read one helluva review from the Duluth news tribune.  


Crunchy Bunch Podcast
March 1, 2018

Ingeborg von Agassiz is the featured guest for the March 2018 edition of the Crunch Bunch Podcast. Listen to her ramble on about this and that at:  


Duluth News Tribune
Pressroom Podcast
March 1, 2018

Listen to Ingeborg von Agassiz as she chats with DNT's Christa Lawler in front of a live audience of UMD journalism students.

Listen Here to Pressroom Podcast


Official Bio: 

Ingeborg von Agassiz has lived various lives: a songstress in bar halls, an accompanist in churches, a teacher of small children, and a painter, to name a few.  In northern Minnesota, churches and bars define much of existence--where people go for answers, to celebrate life’s blessings, and to mourn life’s losses. Ingeborg’s music explores these ups and downs of life with the playfulness, curiosity, and confidence of a child. Raised as Emma Rustan in Oklee, Minnesota, a town of 400 people, she has since made her home in Duluth. The name Ingeborg von Agassiz celebrates her great grandmother for whom she was named and the region of the massive ancient glacial Lake Agassiz region she hails from. After a life of studying music, playing piano since she was a small child, and teaching students piano, voice, and guitar lessons as an adult, she began writing songs in earnest in 2012. She started recording herself with a minimal setup at home, building catchy and deceptively simple arrangements of songs, influenced by songwriters as far-spanning as SIA and Moondog. Expanding her home engineering into a live one-woman band, she performs using an impressive array of keyboards, loopers, and samplers. Her performance turned heads in Duluth. “Seemingly out of nowhere,” wrote the Duluth Tribune, “an artist going by ‘Ingeborg von Agassiz’ started booking shows around Duluth and wowed audiences with fully formed songs and a unique stage appearance.”  2018 sees the release of her debut album, O Giver of Dreams, on March 1st, and many Ingeborg von Agassiz performances to come.

- Ben Willis


Listen up! 

Hello my darling friend - you goofy little troll!
Come along with me - you can listen while you scroll!

This is the 5th track from O Giver of Dreams - Ingeborg's debut album - which will be in available in digital format world wide March 1st 2018. 

 Sun Beats Down Lyrics:

You can do it, you can do it! You can try real hard
Take the bull by the horns
and show ‘em who’s in charge! 
Give a hoot and a holler and just find a place to start
The mainstream isn’t so clean
Follow what’s inside your heart!

When will you know about the flow? 
Or know which way to go? 
Or when to take a tow?
Or abandon ship, so sick of it, the fog too thick to go
What if the pipes they burst and see? Life hurts! 
Like everything is cursed?! 
Silly efforts done in haste, well if that’s the case
You just take your finger
Give a lick, how does it taste? 

Don’t be a lazy fool of a boy!
Share with your sister your favorite toy
When the playing is done put your stuff all away
Don’t put off for tomorrow what may be done today
My mother said that ‘life’s a bitch’ 
Oh, and fuck it if she’s right!
That don’t mean that everyday
must be an endless fight
Those jerks will bake a pie
just to throw it at your face
But you just take your finger
Give a lick, how does it taste? 
(How does it taste!?)

Not bad at all! No! Not bad indeed! 
Yeah, you can make some sugar
from any type of seed
It’s just the way you see it
Your perspective, point of view
Don’t do just what you’re told
but what you’re really supposed to do
(What does that mean? What does that mean!?)


Upcoming shows: 

RT Quinlan's, Duluth, MN.
          February 23, 2018 9pm. 
          with Bratwurst, Toby Thomas Churchill, 
          & If Thousands.  

Great Northern Radio Show, Bemidji, MN. 
          March 3, 2018. 5pm.
          Tickets: http://greatnorthernradioshow.org/tickets/

TJ's Tavern, Oklee, MN.  
          March 10, 2018. 8pm.

Icehouse, Minneapolis, MN.
          March 14, 2018. 10pm.  

Red Herring Lounge, Duluth, MN.
          March 15, 2018. 8pm.

Clyde Iron Works, Duluth, MN. Fuse Duluth.
          March 22, 2018. 5pm. Private Event.

Electric Fetus, Duluth, MN. Record Store Day.
          April 21, 2018. 2:30pm.

Past Performances: 

Rex Bar at Fitger's, Duluth, MN. January 13, 2018. 
Icehouse, Minneapolis, MN. January 9, 2018
Chester Bowl Fall Fest, Duluth, MN. September 16, 2017
Super Big Block Party, Duluth, MN. August 19, 2017
Red Herring Lounge, Duluth, MN.  July 16, 2017. 
Alchemy, Madison, WI. July 11, 2017
Icehouse, Minneapolis, MN. 
Madeline Island Film Festival, La Pointe, WI. July
Tom's Burned Down Cafe, La Pointe, WI. 
Red Herring Lounge. 3rd Bday Party Bash. 
Goodridge Municipal Liquor Store, Goodridge, MN. 
Red Herring Lounge. Mary Bue & someone else. 
Pizza Luce, Duluth, MN. Homegrown Music Festival. 
Tj's Tavern, Oklee, MN. 
Beaner's, Duluth, MN. 
Beaner's, Duluth, MN. September 2016. 




Upcoming Event!

New paintings & Drawings by INgeborg von AgassiZ

Opening reception: Thursday, March 15th, 2018 at 7pm.
Live music at 8pm featuring:  
as well as a performance by yours truly.

This event doubles as the album release celebration for
O Giver of Dreams


Select Paintings 2009-2016:

Artist Statement

I never meant to be a painter, but I just kept painting.  I took a few painting and drawing classes in college, and then one day on a whim I signed up for an art show at my place of work, Bixby's Cafe, which forced me to create with a deadline. For that first show, I ended up painting a dozen or so works in less than three weeks based off of drawings that I did when I worked overnights at a mental health facility. I kept signing up for art shows intermittently through the years and now I believe I have a body of work that says something. What does it say? It says, LET'S HAVE FUN, DAMMIT! 

Some artists never abandon a painting. But I do! I paint over them all the time. I know a painting is not going well when I'm laboring obsessively over it and am hell bent on making it perfect.  Those paintings are the worse! They are repulsive, overcooked, pee-yew. Eventually I give up, paint over the mess, and breathe a sigh of heavenly relief. I know a painting is going well when it's imperfections delight me, rather than make me gag. 

I have only recently begun to seriously* embrace humor and playfulness in my work. I am primarily a musician and songwriter, so this painting thing - it better be fun, at least most of the time. Otherwise I've decided I'm just not going to do it. 


These are 5 of 8 sketch collages I made for a show at Prove Gallery - "Polarized" - alongside fellow artists Ryan Lemahieu, Brian Ring, Cody Paulson, Tommy Kronquist, & Jay Whitcomb in January of 2014. 


A list of solo Art exhibitions in Duluth, MN 

Red Herring Lounge "More New Paintings by Ingeborg" September 2016
Washington Gallery "New Paintings by Ingeborg" June 2016
Washington Gallery "Seraphina's Necessary Illusions" October 2014
Prove Gallery January 2014
Washington Gallery "Hootenanny" August 2013
Washington Gallery "Goodbye, Blue Skies" July 2012
Washington Gallery "Recollections" June 2011
Beaner's September 2010
Jitter's April 2010
Bixby's August 2009
Bixby's September 2006


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