The Goings On

I have a bunch of gigs this week
Playing guitar and singing covers
And I'm finishing up some paintings
With black lines and bold colors

And I'm recording a couple tunes
That will be mixed by someone else
Cuz I'll waste about a thousand hours
If I try to mix all by myself

It's good to have somebody
Another set of ears or eyes
Who help to see the bigger picture
Which I often cannot recognize

Also I'm taking suggestions
For songs you'd like to hear
Me to sing in my covers set
While you listen and drink beer

I need those requests in advance
So that I can figure out the chords and key
And I need to print out the lyrics
So I have them in front of me

There, now I told you 
What I've got going on
Don't you feel special 
Or am I making you yawn? 

Now that I think about it, maybe I could actually do this song.

Now that I think about it, maybe I could actually do this song.

Legoland and Other Things

I am moving to Legoland
At least that's what I told my little niece 
When I talked to her on the phone
Early this morning

She did not believe me

I told her that they are building me
a lego castle and that she can come visit
And that my other niece, her cousin, 
Will be visiting me 
And we will eat crumpets and drink tea
And put on our own talk show
called Good Morning America

Anyway. The first niece was unimpressed. 

I realize this poem does not rhyme
But I am strapped for time

It's October 15th 
And being a professional procrastinator 
I filed an extension 
And taxes are due today
So, if you could please put your hands together
And pray for me 

(The reason I was chatting with my niece
When I should have been doing my taxes
Is cuz my dad is at my niece’s home right now
And I called him because
he is an accountant
And I need help, you see)

Roses are red
The sky is blue
I kinda freak out
When taxes are due



I've got some new paintings 
That I will post this week
Hopefully some of what I've made 
Is exactly what you seek

I dig bold, simple colors
Like yellow, blue, and red
Straight from the tube
And straight from my head

And always like a cartoon
With the bold black line
And lots of little boozers
Drinking lots of wine

And lots of little music nerds
Listening to their tunes
And making little beats they are my 
Stream-of-consciousness cartoons


Last Night at the Embassy

I performed at Embassy 35 last night
A performance made better by projections and light
It was a cool venue, a very cool space 
And the people who came made it the cool place

And then after I played was a one-man-band
Which you gotta see to believe and to understand
But he played guitar, keys, and drums and yep it's true
All the songs that he sang were about Scooby-Doo 

photo by Lissa Maki

photo by Lissa Maki

Big Day

It's Saturday morning and I've got a big day
I play three hours 'acoustic' at Zeitgeist Cafe
And then later, much later, at 10pm
I set up my rig and perform 'electro' again

That'll be my second electro gig of this week
Down at Embassy 35 on Superior Street
It may be the last time I ever appear
With this rig and its specific setup and gear

The plan is to find an easier way to perform
And plus this Classic Rig is tired and worn
New stuff will be written on new little toys
Some stuff might be pretty but some might be noise


The Post-Performance Headache Blues

I have a headache this morning
As I always do after I play a show
And I'm hoping it will go away
Becuz tonight to the Cedar I must go

Yes, yesterday evening I performed 
For the local PBS station
And I drank two gallons of water
To maintain my hydration

The adrenaline hangover
Is what I call this condition
And I wonder if it is a chronic part
Of being a performing musician

I used to think my affliction was because
I would drink too much beer or wine
But I haven't had a sip of booze
In over two years time

Oh, this cross that I must carry
Why me, Lord, why me? 
Can't I play one performance
Without the next day feeling crappy? 

Dammit, Ingeborg, 
Stop your complaining!
You can't bitch and moan 
Every time that it is raining!


Taking Care of Biz

When people ask for my info 
A CD is all I got 
So I designed myself a little card
Because, I say, why not? 

Cuz folks no longer have
CD players in their cars
And I want something to give these people
When I'm out playing at the bars

And plus I can scribble
Download codes on the back
So these folks can have a listen
When they're hangin' at their shack

I’m becoming more of a grownup every day.

I’m becoming more of a grownup every day.