The Post-Performance Headache Blues

I have a headache this morning
As I always do after I play a show
And I'm hoping it will go away
Becuz tonight to the Cedar I must go

Yes, yesterday evening I performed 
For the local PBS station
And I drank two gallons of water
To maintain my hydration

The adrenaline hangover
Is what I call this condition
And I wonder if it is a chronic part
Of being a performing musician

I used to think my affliction was because
I would drink too much beer or wine
But I haven't had a sip of booze
In over two years time

Oh, this cross that I must carry
Why me, Lord, why me? 
Can't I play one performance
Without the next day feeling crappy? 

Dammit, Ingeborg, 
Stop your complaining!
You can't bitch and moan 
Every time that it is raining!