Every single morning
I go out on a run
I do it to stay healthy 
But mostly do it just for fun

I run down to Canal Park
And to the lighthouse on the pier
I like being around the tourists
And the energetic atmosphere

I used to run in the alleys
Up in the hillside
I'd run with the bunnies 
And the squirrels by my side

I still do that sometimes 
I like to run in lots of places
It keeps it nice and interesting
And fun like Grandma's races

There's lots of things I can say
That I love about Duluth 
I don't even mind the cold
It's good for running, that's the truth

Except, the snow is a real pain
And makes it sorta impossible to run
Have you ever ran on a treadmill? 
Wow, that is seriously not fun

If you really want to torture yourself
Or are seeking a test of spiritual will 
Seriously, not kidding, 
try running on a treadmill

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