Drinking Tea with Pink Floyd

Black tea with bergamot 
His name is Earl Grey 
I think i'm gonna make a cup
Today will be the day

Cuz I drink too much coffee
I am not kidding around
My heart beats too fast
It really does pound

So I'm gonna be kind to it
And avoid coffee extra strong
I've been drinking coffee since age twelve
Which is over twenty years long

Yup, coffee is like a vice
And my other would be junk food
But I'll talk about that later
This poem is about that Earl Grey dude. 

I have one little memory 
To share regarding hot tea
Of an important time
In life for me

When I was a young teenager
And berry farm employed
Nothing mattered in the world
Except listening to Pink Floyd

On a beautiful summer night
I made a thermos of Earl Grey tea
I thought that was okay
And that it didn't contain caffeine

But I was up until the sun came up 
Just me in my basement room 
On a spiritual journey
On the dark side of the moon

And I remember going outside
With a head full of Pink Floyd words
And how precious the world seemed
In the twittering of birds