Oh, My Soul

Today is a Wednesday 
Have you seen the Wednesday Dance
It makes me so dang happy
Watch it when you get a chance

Did you know you can take a few 
Simple-ass words
And create as many unique phrases
As there are dogs, cats, and birds?

And stars in the black 
That expanding night sky 
What's beyond all that? 
Perhaps you know more than I

I'll tell you ha-what 
Eye don't know jack shit 
What you see ain't always 
Exactly what you git

I heard once that 
The finger pointing to the moon
Ain't the dang moon 
But we so often mistake the two

There's nothing you can know
There's nothing that is fact
There's only your perspective
And that surely ain't exact

There's something inside you
That you don’t always perceive
It's like your soul or something
And one day it will leave
And then what? What will you do? 
You won't do anything
Cuz you'll be dead, silly. 

So, moral of the story:
If you think you're alone now, 
You're not. 
You got a cute little soul inside of you. 
But not for long!

* * *

The above poem has received these grades from the Almighty Editor in the Sky: 

C+ for Rhyming
A for Effort
A- for Profundity

The Almighty Editor could also add grades for Structure, Content, Vocabulary, Originality, and a host of other criteria, but then she feels as though she might be Too Judgy.

Feel free to leave a grade for it yourself, 
if you think you're so dang smart: 

9. 24.2019

If you go to create some art
And it looks like trash and smells like fart, 
You are doing exactly as you should 
You need to make some crap
Before you make some good


Coming soon to a screen near you
Bad poems that rhyme with dingle-doo