The Little Lamb

Got a soggy sandwich
sittin’ in the fridge
I might eat it later
but maybe I will not
I might have to make
some ramen instead
Cooking is something
I pretty much dread

Got a half finished song
that I need to finish today
God I hate making decisions
for fear of missing out
You choose one thing
and then are cut off from the rest
Every decision that I make
is like some terrifying test

Got a pair of shoes
that stink real bad
I should soak them
in bleach or something
Or maybe I should do
as all good Americans do
And throw them out
and buy a pair brand new

Oh my God, life is hard
One day I'll have it all figured out
But for today I am a little lamb 
Following the flock and getting lost by 10am.


The Almighty Editor has deemed the following grades for this Poem of the Day:

C- for Rhyming
A for Effort
D+ for Profundity

A+ Extra Credit for cute lamb drawing

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